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I’m the kind of person used to see sex/love making as part of my job description and could be ok if I don’t have it for days. Now I try to be emotionally and mentally present during love making that I enjoy the process and my husband noticed the difference. Consistency is the key for me, cos I know I will get better at it. My Blow Job sessions with my hubby are mind blowing now. The first time I tried it out after taking the course, my husband was speechless, all he could mutter was wow, wow, woo!
The better lover course was amazing, interesting & fun. In two weeks, there were clear measurable improvements in our sex life. The best part is that the course doesn’t just focus on how to please your partner but how to be in tune with yourself and enjoy sex. Better Lover is really amazing and I am glad I was able to benefit from it.
After taking a course here, I got my groove back, became more familiar with my body, my needs and my husbands body and needs to. I don't see sex more as something i have an obligation to do but more a pleasurable experience I look forward to and can initiate.
I’m happy my friend told me to enroll and I will be glad for the men's course for my hubby. I'll even pay for my friends so we can all have enviable marriages. That’s what better lover does. It equips you to be able to enjoy your marriage. I’m so happy I took the course.
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