BETTER LOVER is an Online Course for the Woman who wants to Awaken Her Sensuality and also give Her Man Sensational Pleasure in the Bedroom.

Some people say the way to a Man’s heart is through his Stomach.


Give him all the food in the world but if you are not a Sexually Engaging and Inviting wife, you may as well just call yourself “Mama Put”.

Did you know that when Men say a Woman is Great In Bed, what they really mean is that the Woman is Sexually Engaging, Inviting and Exciting!

BETTER LOVER is a Course that teaches you how to be that Sexually Engaging and Inviting Wife, who takes charge of her Sexual Pleasure, as well as, her Man’s Sexual Pleasure.


If you are READY to become that Sexually Awakened, Engaging and Inviting Lover, this Online Course is for You.

BETTER LOVER is an Online Course for the Woman who wants to Awaken Her Sensuality and also give Her Man Sensational Pleasure in the Bedroom.

BETTER LOVER FOR WOMEN teaches you how to rock your man’s world till he is begging for more of your Sweet Sweet loving.

Yes, this is no hype. You can become a skilled lover that loves to Give and Receive Great pleasure.

Commence your journey to becoming A BETTER AND MORE SENSUAL LOVER.

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The better lover course was amazing, interesting & fun. In two weeks, there were clear measurable improvements in our sex life. The best part is that the course doesn’t just focus on how to please your partner but how to be in tune with yourself and enjoy sex. Better Lover is really amazing and I am glad I was able to benefit from it.
After taking a course here, I got my groove back, became more familiar with my body, my needs and my husbands body and needs to. I don't see sex more as something i have an obligation to do but more a pleasurable experience I look forward to and can initiate.
I’m happy my friend told me to enroll and I will be glad for the men's course for my hubby. I'll even pay for my friends so we can all have enviable marriages. That’s what better lover does. It equips you to be able to enjoy your marriage. I’m so happy I took the course.

Here's A Sneak Peek From Better Lover

In this Course, You’ll Learn:

How Your libido works and the best way to optimize that for an immensely pleasurable Sex life

His Pleasure Zones and the best ways to Stimulate them

How to get yourself Ready, Soaking Wet and in the Zone for Good, Good Loving.

How to Rock Your Man’s World like never before

How to Communicate better for Great Sex

How to stimulate your man’s penis for maximum pleasure

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The Better Lover Course opened my eyes to how to love my body, my perceptions about sex that might have been skewed because of my environment, how to satisfy myself and my spouse. Blow job school is also a very exciting and educative course
I’m glad I took the has given me a fresh perspective to sex and I’m excited to explore and discover about myself and my husband.
I am in a long distance marriage & the course has definitely exposed me to so much that I didn't know existed. I and my husband have been able to talk about sex on a deeper level. I can’t wait to put everything in practice.
The course helped me to understand my sexuality and that of my partner and how to manage things going forward. The blow job module opened my eyes to dos and don'ts for giving a blow job. I practiced the skills i learnt recently and my hubby said that was the best blow job he had ever received.
Better lover has taught me things which I should have been taught in marriage counseling. It would have taken away the mystery/fear. Now I approach intimacy with less fear and more excited curiosity.
I have taken multiple courses here and the courses are wonderful. I love how the modules are structured and how detailed and well explained they are.

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Frequently asked questions

Upon payment, you will get access to the course and then you can enroll to the course. It’s a self-paced Course that is taken individually. The Modules are a mixture of some text BUT Mostly Video Modules and are very explanatory.

BETTER LOVER is a course for the Wife who wants to become a Better Lover and Immensely enjoy Sex In Marriage.

First off, the information that exists online is quite generalized and your body, as well as your man’s body, is UNIQUE. This Course helps you take your uniqueness into consideration and shows you how best to make Sex immensely pleasurable for yourself and your Man.

No Please. If You are not ready to learn, don’t waste your money. If however, You are ready to learn, I GUARANTEE that your Sex Life will Never Remain The Same after taking this course.

This Course comes with One year access from date of purchase.

The course costs N80,000/$195. You can pay via the link above.

No. All payments are final and non refundable

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