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I am beyond happy that you signed up for this online course. This tells me you are a man that loves and takes his woman seriously.

BETTER LOVER is a course designed for the man who is ready to take his woman to intense heights of sexual pleasure, which of course, translates to a richer and more enjoyable sex life as a couple.

For the most part, the modules in this course are video based.

The first part of this course focuses on “Getting to know Your Woman” and that covers quite a bit around sexual desire, arousal and communication.

The second part is where you get more hands on while “Exploring the Power of Touch”.

In the third part, we talk about how you can “Improve your sexual performance and pleasure” as a man and finally, the fourth part talks about “Sustainability”, what happens after the course and how you can keep the fire burning.

I advice that you take the modules one day per time for maximum involvement. Try not to rush through or jump parts, this entire course is designed to help on your journey to becoming a BETTER LOVER.

Please proceed to Module 1.


2 thoughts on “BETTER LOVER FOR MEN”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Vee. Please I have a question about the monthly subscription.

    If I pay for the silver package, will I have access to all the courses on University of Sex for a month?
    Or will it only be live webinars?

    I look forward to receiving your reply.


    1. Hello Vee, thank you for your message.

      The monthly subscription program does not give access to courses in the university of Sex.
      It has its own content. However, the subscription program is currently not taking new registrations.

      Courses in the University can be purchased directly or at a 30% discount via student membership here..

      I hope this helps.

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