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Welcome to PREPARING FOR GREAT SEX, An Online course created to help New and Intending couples successfully navigate and enjoy blissful Sex in marriage. 

This course is designed to be a detailed, positive resource to help you learn about Sex and help you get off on solid footing where Sex in marriage is concerned. Getting married and transitioning from being single to being a couple is hard enough, without having to add Sexual difficulties to the mix.

It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or inexperienced, this course will help you understand that Sex goes beyond the physical act of joined bodies, and help expand your definition and awareness of Sex.

Another great thing about this course is that it is designed to teach both husband and wife. Sexual knowledge should not be limited to one half of the couple.

PART 1: Covers the Communication aspect of Sex to help you get comfortable engaging WITH Sex before engaging in it. This Part is all about helping you get started on solid footing.

PART 2 Covers getting to know your bodies and how to prepare your bodies for Sex. DO NOT SKIP THIS PART PLEASE. 

PART 3 Covers Sex outside Intercourse. This is especially important because too often, couples tend to focus majorly on intercourse to the detriment of enjoying REAL Sexual fulfillment. Take this part seriously. Oh, and it’s so much fun too.

PART 4 Covers how to keep passion alive and exercises to increase Sexual pleasure. There are also a couple of Bonus Modules that cover Sex Positions and How to wear a Condom.

That about covers the curriculum for this course.

I do have a favor to ask, after going through this course, please send us your feedback. We are always open to ways we can improve the learning experience for our students.

Thank you once again for signing up. You made a wise decision. 

And remember, I am rooting for you 




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