Do you get the message of how important it is to prioritize yourself?

There are 3 essential nutrients you need as a woman to tune in to both your sensuality and sexuality – independent of your partner.

When you fill-up on these nutrients, your libido will flourish, your body will want sexual pleasure, and you will crave sexual connection.


These are essential nutrients to a woman’s sexuality and her sex drive. When these nutrients deplete, when we run on empty, our bodies shut down and our libido goes to sleep.

The antidote to that is filling yourself up.

When you fill up, your body awakens.

Your desire juices start flowing.

You start feeling alive, awake and wanting more.

Your body feels more. Your mind quiets down.

Your body begins to want more pleasure.

You start feeling confident in your desires.

You start to feel beautiful in your body, whatever size, weight or shape you are.

You feel sexy and turned on. You relax into your body.

You fill up and you want to share your overflow with your partner.

You start having the confidence to ask for what you want – exactly how you want it.

Sex becomes something that you no longer have to do or perform or give. It becomes about Pleasure, Surrender, Delight, Expression and Play.

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