Desire flourishes in love and approval. It loves being seen – first and foremost by you.

Practicing desire is like practicing a muscle. It takes time, attention and dedication to learn to listen to the inner voice of desire.


Create a “desire list” by writing out your desires as they come to you? If you died today, what desires you would regret not paying heed to? (This includes but is not limited to your sex life)

What limiting beliefs or unpleasant experiences have kept those desires buried and locked away?

Write them out in a journal. They are a very crucial part of the process and you will need them as we progress in the course.

Keep doing this practice to build your desire muscle and start listening to what your body, mind and soul are calling for.

Do this every morning for a week. Do it before your to- do list, before checking your social media, or even before waking your kids or your partner. Do it for yourself.

When you change your relationship with your desire, your sexual libido starts to wake up.

When you welcome desire with open arms, you start knowing what feels good to you.

When you know what feels good to you, you want more of it.

It’s that simple.

Welcome your desires with open arms.

In the next Module, we go into Understanding How Sexual Desire works

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