Set the mood with scented candles (if you have) and sensual background music to help keep you centered. Have some body oil, preferably coconut oil, on hand for lubrication. 

You are worth it, remember?

Undress slowly in front of a full length mirror. Now, take a good look at yourself naked. SEE yourself. I mean, really SEE.

Take a good look at yourself from head to toe and appreciate the beauty of being you and the pleasure each part of your body is capable of bringing to yourself and your man.

And as you look at your body, engage all your senses.

Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell and Sound.

Open your eyes and feast on the image of your naked body in the mirror.

Move a little closer and look into your eyes.

What are they saying to you?

Those eyes are capable of passing a million messages across without words. Those eyes can communicate to your man without speech, your desire to make love.

Close your eyes and run your lubricated fingertips across your lips, how does that touch feel?

How do your lips feel? Run your tongue across your lips slowly and sensuously. Feel the movements and relish the power you have, to give and receive pleasure with your lips.

Open your eyes now and look at your breasts. Cup them in your hands, stroke your nipples, trace the outline of your areolas while still standing in front of the mirror.

Look at their shape, their form, and experiment with different types of touch to know what feels good to you.

If touching your breasts or nipples in a certain way arouses you, Congratulations. You just discovered something to teach your man.

Move from your breasts to your belly, hands, thighs and other parts of your body.

Revel in their pleasure giving capabilities. Experiment with touch that feels good for you. Touch that feels good doesn’t necessarily have to be erotic touch. A soothing touch can also feel good.

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