This brings us to the Erotic Blueprints and different ways people respond to Sexual pleasure. Formulated by Miss Jaiya, an internationally recognized and award-winning sexologist, the Erotic Blueprint is a way to understand how an individual is wired for pleasure. The 5 Erotic blueprints are explained below.


People with an Energetic blueprint are highly sensitive. They live in the realm of emotion and need to feel emotionally connected to enjoy Sex. They enjoy Sex more when anticipation is built. They are highly sensitive. They will be more turned on by you just very lightly running your fingertips over their skin and creating anticipation rather than going straight to their genitals. It may turn them off if you go to their genitals too fast. With this person, anticipation is key.


People with a Sensual blueprint often complain that they have a hard time getting out of their heads. They need to relax in order to have sex. They are highly sensual creatures affected by smell, sight, sound, touch and taste. They tend to be interested in slowing down and being romantic, however can get easily distracted. Sensuals are very connected to their senses and enjoy things like massages, light music, relaxing scents to help them tune in for Sex.


Those who are Kinky are most turned on by “out of the box” sexual encounters. They tend to be explorative in nature and usually have a rich fantasy life. They enjoy variety and creativity in sexual play, ultimately they are about experiencing sexual freedom and extraordinary sexual experiences. People like this tend to enjoy use of Sex props such as sex toys, role play costumes and things that feel taboo, to really enjoy the Sexual experience. Regular vanilla sex won’t cut it for this type of person. They also enjoy power play during Sex.


The Sexual types are easy to turn on and can go from 0 to 100 really fast. They are turned on by nudity. The opposite of a Sensual type, Sexual types have sex in order to relax. They are easily turned on by visual or touch stimulus, can go from zero to orgasm fairly quickly, techniques work well with them and they are very fun to play with in bed but may be too focused on intercourse to spend enough time with foreplay.


Shape-Shifters can play in all the Erotic realms with ease and joy. Shape-Shifters will enjoy or desire a wide variety of the different erotic stimulus at different times. With a partner like this, a great idea is to ask them what they are in the mood for.


Have a conversation with your spouse about your sexual desires and redefine Sex together.

What makes (would make) Sex pleasurable for both of you, outside intercourse?

From the above, can you tell what your Erotic Blueprint is?

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