Set the mood with scented candles, dim lighting and some sensual background music. Make sure the ambience of the room feels good enough for this exercise. Make sure the temperature is right for both of you.

Start with a shower so both of you feel clean and fresh.

Get your massage/body oil handy, you’ll need it in some places.

You could either sit or lie facing each other. Whatever position that allows you touch each other without restriction is ideal.

During this exercise, it is important to really tune in and focus on what you feel. Do not entertain distractions. Concentrate on how you feel when your partner touches you so you can tell whether or not you enjoy being touched in a certain way or in certain areas.

If you feel a distraction coming on, please take a deep breath and try to re-align your focus.

Start by kissing your partner’s earlobes or tracing the outline of the ears with your tongue a couple of times, Go further by very lightly blowing some air into the ear and sucking/gently biting the fleshy bottom part of the earlobes.

Now have your partner kiss your lips first and then trail wet sucking kisses down your neck.

Return the favor and kiss his/her neck. Let your kisses trail down to the collar bone and the hollow spot just below the neck. 

THE WOMAN: If you are sitting, at this point you could have your man lie down, while you sit astride him and explore his chest, nipples, belly, belly button, sides with both your hands and mouth. One really overlooked part of the body are the fingers. Place the tip of your tongue on the webbed area at the base of his fingers, then slowly slide your way up the side. Suck on his fingers gently and seductively. This move is particularly very visually stimulating because it is suggestive of oral sex.

THE MAN: After the woman has paid attention to your upper body, explore hers as well. With your hands and mouth, explore her breasts, nipples, bellybutton, sides and even her fingers. The discovery may delight both of you!

If you have some ice, cool your mouths with it and take turns kissing and sucking each other’s nipples, neck and other parts of your upper body.

Remember to take your time. There is no rush.

THE WOMAN: Now move much lower to the knees. At this point, your man would probably expect some penis action. Make him wait.

Starting right above his knee, plant light kisses there, then work your way up his thighs and inner thighs alternating light kisses with firm wet kisses. Switch to grazing your fingers all over his knees and inner thighs as well. Basically, alternating mouth and hand action.

THE MAN: The man returns the favor by also exploring her legs, knees, back of the knees, thighs and inner thighs. 

Remember to focus on what you feel when your partner touches you. Don’t distract attention by kissing while you are being touched. Focus on one form of stimulation at a time. 

When you are done with that, you both can move to the genitals.

THE WOMAN: Your man’s penis is a treasure trove of information if you are patient enough to learn. Take special care when you get there. Use your massage oil to properly lubricate your hands so that your touch feels silky and smooth.

Use your hands to get to know his penis better. Don’t be shy to give your eyes a feast. Watch what happens when you touch him in different ways. Alternate your strokes to see what feels best for him. 

Explore the shaft, the head, the frenulum, and don’t leave out his balls and his perineum. (In subsequent Modules, we address handling his cock. For today, explore for your pleasure and enjoy)

Give his balls some loving too but be careful around there, some men find that place very delicate to touch. So be gentle, except he asks otherwise. 

THE MAN: Explore touching her pussy. With well lubricated fingers, gently touch her pussy for your pleasure. Stroke her clitoris, labia, pubic mound and gently put your fingers in to explore her vagina (In a subsequent Module, we cover how to touch her pussy for maximum pleasure. But for now, explore.)

Feel free to finish your sexual explorations by proceeding to intercourse in any position of your choice.

Remember, this is an educative process so after you both are done and rested, talk about how it went and what you enjoyed.


Talk about how the Sexual Exploration went for both of you? 

What new things did you both learn about your bodies?

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