1.      How important is Sex in Marriage to you?

2.     Do you feel comfortable discussing Sex?

3.     What are your expectations regarding Sex In Marriage?

4.     What do you expect of your partner when it comes to Sex?

5.     Have you ever had Sex?

6.     When was your first encounter with Sex? (Encounter with sex is not limited to actual sexual intercourse. It could be the first time, you ever heard or saw something sex related)

7.     Have you ever been sexually abused? If yes, how did you deal with it?

8.    What was your first sexual experience? (Look out for traumatic or un-pleasurable sexual experiences and if need be, seek or encourage the person to seek therapy)

9.     Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?

10. What are the things you think you would be open to exploring sexually?

11.  Are there boundaries? If yes, where do you draw the line?

12. Is Sex on the Wedding night non-negotiable?

13. Would you be willing to have Sex the morning after the wedding night if one or both of us is tired?

14. Would you be open to exploring Sex Toys?

15.  How do you feel about Oral Sex?

16. How do you feel about Anal Sex?

17.  Are you open to trying out different Sex positions or do you believe in just one?

18. What are your views on infidelity? What constitutes infidelity to you?

19. When would you want to have kids? (This joint decision should inform the type of birth control method to be used.)

20. How often do you think married couples should have Sex?

21. Do you get early morning erections?

22. What is your penis size? (If you are concerned about this)

23. Do you menstruate?

24. Do you have a vaginal opening?

25. Do you masturbate?

26. What is your position on masturbation in marriage?

27. Who do you think should initiate sex in marriage?

28. Do you see yourself as sexually adventurous?

29. Would you be willing to try new things sexually?

30. Do you enjoy kissing?

31. Would you be open to public displays of affection?

32. Is it important to you that your partner enjoys Sex?

33. If you had a sexual problem, would you seek help?

34. If we have a sexual problem, would you be open to seeking help?

35. Would you be supportive if your partner is unable to engage in Sex for a period of time?

36. Do you believe women should initiate Sex?

37. Do you believe Sex is for mutual pleasure or for the pleasure of just one person?

38. Do you believe Sex is for pleasure or solely for procreation?

39. What do you think of threesomes or partner swapping?

40. What sexual activities would you like to feature in your marriage?

41. Would you be open to sharing sexual fantasies with your spouse?

42. Do you believe Sex can be had at any time of the day or do you believe it should only happen at specific times of the day?

43. Do you feel Sex roles are gender based?


Go through each point of discussion and have the conversations with your New/Intended Spouse (It doesn’t have to happen all in one day).

How did talking about Sex feel for both of you?

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