I was able to study through blow job school and a few lessons from the ride him like a pro, especially the milking effect. I tried it on Friday night and started with blowing his dick. OMG u need to see hubby's expression. The next morning he told me he had an amazing night and that the sex was amazing. Your tips and tricks working so fast! Usually after a day sex we would wait a few days before another but he obviously wanted a replay of last night's experience cos he drew me close and we had a quickie very early Saturday morning.
Coach!!!! Thank you sooooo much oh. So last night I did the moves and paced it as you said! OMG!!!!!! I was on top of hubby! He was acting like his head would explode. I kept pacing it. Hubby doesn’t talk much but he started making different sounds “Hha” “Hey” “Oh baby” “That pussy is sweet “ “baby please” “hmmm” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and he didn’t come on time too. So, I kept raining the juice on his dick. I equally enjoyed it so much! Thank you and God bless you.
My husband now enjoys sex much better with me. I noticed from the way he takes his time with me now. He can't get enough of me Riding him, he enjoys when I'm on top now. Oh lawd! I cannot explain the experience. Your lessons have taught me alot and it has helped my sex life. Thank you Coach
I practiced some of the hand job techniques & my husband was mind blown. He that had been rolling his eyes at me, wondering why I paid for a sex class, said...’is this from your class?’ (in a wawu tone, while I stroked him) I said yes 😋. Those techniques are top notch
Thank you so much!! I got much more out of the Better Lover course than anticipated. I'm super excited too because for the first time I feel a nice sense of liberation with my desires and it feels good
I have started the Blow Job course and I am really enjoying it. It's nonsense I have been doing since with my husband. I can't wait to practice those techniques and finish him 😂
The course helped me to understand my sexuality and that of my partner and how to manage things going forward. The blow job module opened my eyes to dos and don'ts for giving a blow job. I practiced the skills i learnt recently and my hubby said that was the best blow job he had ever received.
The Better Lover Course opened my eyes to how to love my body, my perceptions about sex that might have been skewed because of my environment, how to satisfy myself and my spouse. Blow job school is also a very exciting and educative course
Better lover has taught me things which I should have been taught in marriage counseling. It would have taken away the mystery/fear. Now I approach intimacy with less fear and more excited curiosity.
I’m in a long distance marriage & the course has definitely exposed me to so much that I didn't know exist. I and my husband have been able to talk about sex on a deeper level. I can’t wait to put everything in practice.
NEVER, I repeat, NEVER in my 5 years of marriage did I consider giving a Blow job but when I took a course that had the Blow Job Module in it, it was so well detailed and to be honest, very enticing, so I tried to do it. Now, I am a Blow job giver anyday. Thank you so much. This was something my husband always wanted but I never gave until I took the course.

Olawunmi, firstly, is courageous. I mean, who takes on sex talk as literally and poignantly these days with such swag and knowledge? I wish I can recall how I found out her IG handle but hey, what matters right now is that her page is a pilgrimage of sorts.. toys, tools, videos and lots of fun too.

I like her approach especially because it is not porn. It is not vulgar. It is not also derogatory. It is sex, aspiring, enticing and educative.

I endorse her services and expertise.

Sam Obafemi
President of @sobcaonline.

Olawunmi is ‘da bomb’.

She is easy to talk to and can relate at any level. No surprise there with all her big big qualification.

But more importantly, she got results for me and my clients. I talk money and a lot of my clients have sex related issues. So it was great to have someone who could help solve such issues. 

Whether you are looking to spice of the ‘other room’ or trying to connect with your partner more as a newbie or old bird, Olawunmi is your girl.

Here is hoping she doesn’t get me knocked up!

Tolu Dima-Okojie
Founder, Money Map Academy

Olawunmi Esan is Nigeria's number 1 Sex Coach and Family Therapist. Having worked with her for some years now, and watched her practice grow, her coaching and courses broke barriers in Nigeria's coaching industry and set her apart as the leading voice in her field.

She is well trained and doesn't stop advancing in her methods and knowledge. Her style and messages tend to be provocative but decent at the same time. Olawunmi has overtime built an excellent reputation for herself and has even become the sex coach and therapist that other sex coaches learn from. She helps to take her clients to the climax! 

Alex Ade Adefemi (Coach Triple A)
Business & Leadership Coach.

I like Olawunmi style of teaching sex because she shows the married people that they can have exciting and engaging sex in marriage. It doesn’t have to be filled with boring and repeated routines.

She spices us up our sexual life by showing us practicals around sexuality. I recommend her. She’s real and precise about it. If you are married and want to enjoy your sex life, follow her!

Nike Folagbade
Lead Coach, Nike Folagbade International

Olawunmi Esan is very passionate and competent in her practice as a Sex Therapist. I commend her for taking on a very sensitive area of specialization 

Her practice is highly professional and relatable. She has been able to bring standardized practice in a way that is adaptable to our clime.

Olawunmi’s passion for continuous professional development and competency improvement in her area of specialization, which is promoting sexual satisfaction in marriages is highly commendable. I fully endorse her practice as a Sex Therapist.


Segun Matthew
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Mental Health Expert Vice President, African Network of Professional Counsellors

Dismissing erroneous teachings and making marital sex blissful is what I have known Olawunmi Esan to represent in the years I have known her.

Olawunmi Esan is a Professional Counsellor, Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Family Life Expert, I would wholeheartedly recommend. She is so passionate about wholeness and sexuality that she puts in her all to ensure her clients gets the best of help and services as needed.

She is indeed an answer to this generation’s sexual needs.

Dr Timi Oyebode
Founder, ADI Counselling
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